Onward Singapore

Singapore has just cautiously emerged from its six-week Circuit Breaker lockdown. Even though the city is stepping into Phase One of its three-phased reopening, the road to recovery is still long and ridden with uncertainty.

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), tasked us to encourage the people of Singapore to stay strong and stay united despite the challenges ahead.

To inspire the people, we looked no further than the people. Using Singapore’s national anthem titled “Majulah Singapura” (Onward Singapore) as the driving soundtrack, we showcase stories of people who are quietly pushing onward in the empty city that was put in a standstill. Because the truth is whilst times may have changed, the spirit of the people never will.

Agency: BLKJ
Client: Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)
Production house: The Prosecution Film
Creative Director(s): Khalid Osman, Lester Lee
Art Director: Cindy Roselina
Copywriter: Lyla Huang