Future Dance

In 2018, StarHub was crowned Singapore’s fastest network. Come 2019, it wasn’t enough to just be the fastest. We wanted to push the limits of speed, so we experimented with the possibilities of tomorrow.

The idea was to bring Singapore a future that didn’t exist yet. In partnership with IBM Watson and two of the biggest social superstars, Lia Kim, founder of 1MILLION dance studio, and Shiggy, creator of the Kiki challenge, we created an AI-powered experiment to create the next big dance trend.

Presenting ZIPZAG: an AI choreographed dance from the future. Because fast doesn’t follow, fast creates.

Agency: BLKJ
Client: Scoot
Creative Director(s): Khalid Osman, Lester Lee
Art Director: Cindy Roselina
Copywriter: Pam Ho